How to Earn Extra Income

One of the keys to paying off debt is your income gap. Heck that's even a key when saving for retirement. The greater the gap between what you spend and what you earn the more money you can put towards your goals or debt or retirement. 

Lots of financial people will tell you create a budget stick to it. But if like me you've cut as much as you can or cut your cable to bare minimum, phone is down to a minimum and more then the only thing left is your income. Maybe you in fact don't have a debt problem but you have an income problem. So how do you increase your income. Below are a couple ways you can increase your income. 

Sell stuff on Kijiji, Ebay, craigslist

If you have kids you have lots of toys they don't need anymore. Sell them. You might only get half of what you paid for it but it adds up. I've sold lots of stuff on Kijiji from hockey gloves to kids table. Not only will you earn some extra money but also clean up your house too. 

Create a side hustle

Start a blog and write in it, start a network marketing company and make some extra money on the side.  

Have a garage sale

This is best done together with another family. Go through your house one day and put a tag on everything and a price, advertise it on Facebook or newspaper and signs. Spend a Saturday morning chatting with people as they haggle down your prices. At the end you now have some extra money and a lot less stuff in the house 

Work more

If an hourly worker, work more hours - I know it will suck that you're spending less time at home but imagine the feeling when the debt is paid off, or you now can on that vacation. My wife did that early on in our financial journey. She worked extra hours when she could to help us get ahead. 

Ask your boss for a raise

Before you do this you've got to be prepared to show the value that you bring to the company. Make sure you document what you have done how it got results. 

Rent out your room for Air BNB

Become an Uber driver

Sign up for Focus groups or Mystery Shopper

A google search for the above can generate results 

What I would do now is pick one of these and do it. Plan one day this week to start and take action. Post your comment below on what you did and how it went. 

I look forward to hearing from you.